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Taako Bout It

Black Sports Harness

Black Sports Harness


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What •

The harness is made of soft padded material for comfort and breathable material for sports. It is reflective on the front and back for maximum visibility.   

Features a handle on the back to easily grab your dog when needed and 2 metal ring attachments, one located on the chest and the other on the back. Easy to clean. Adjustable. Machine wash for a deep clean. Hang to dry. 

Who •

All the dogs. 

Size according to neck circumference 

Small: between 12'' and 18'' (30.5 and 45.7cm) 
Medium: between 14'' and 20'' (35.6 and 50cm) 
Large: between 16'' and 24'' (40.6cm and 61cm) 
Extra large: 22'' and 33'' (56 and 84cm) 

Size according to torso circumference

Small: between 14'' and 24'' (35.6 and 61cm) 
Medium: between 16'' and 28'' (40.6 and 71cm) 
Large: between 22'' and 33'' (56 and 84cm) 
Extra large: 22'' and 44'' (56 and 112cm) 

Size according to weight 

Small: between 10 and 18 pounds (4.5 and 8.2kg) 
Average: between 38 and 60 pounds (17 and 27kg) 
Large: between 60 and 75 pounds (27 and 34kg) 
Extra large: 75 pounds and more (34kg) 

Why • 

Using a harness allows you to have a better grip on your dog, therefore more control when you need to intervene quickly. 

It's also more comfortable for your dog and it reduces the risk of injuries to the neckif it tends to pull. 

The harness is essential for safety in the car. If you attach the seat belt to the collar, the risk of injury is enormous, compared to if you attach him to his harness. 

It is also more practical to practice recall with a lead when the dog is wearing a harness because the lead will not drag as much in his legs . It's easier and prevents it from getting tangled in the lanyard. 

In Quebec, harness is mandatory for dogs weighing 20kg (44 pounds) and more. 

With • 

Pair it with the waterproof leash, waterproof collar, poop bag dispenser and hands-free bag holder of your choice. Here are all the walking items right here .

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