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Black Waterproof Long Leash

Black Waterproof Long Leash


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What • 

This long leash is perfect for practicing recall, tethering your dog outside or going hiking. It will remain soft and flexible up to -20. It is made of biothane, a synthetic (vegan) material that has the look and feel of leather and provides exceptional grip and durability. 

15 feet long and 3/8'' wide. 
30 feet long and 3/8'' wide. 

Who • 

All dogs that tend to run away as soon as they get the chance. 

Why • 

Because it feels so good to your dog to feel free to explore, run and sniff without you being stressed that he or she runs away. 

A long leash is an incredible training tool for teaching your dog to behave well in the forest or in public, but above all for teaching him recall. 

How •  

To work on recall 

To start learning, I recommend that you choose a quiet place, without too many distractions. 

Attach the long leash to the clip above the harness so that he or she does not get tangled in it every second. Once that's done, let him or her explore while preventing him from going too far. 

Then say their name followed by the word you choose to designate the reminder. For example :  Your dog’s name, come,” « Your dog's name, here » or «  Your dog’s name, come on.” If he or she doesn't come, show him good behavior by pulling him directly towards you and rewarding him as soon as he or she is at your feet. Be cheerful and positive with him or her.

Repeat the exercise several times, several times a week. When you notice that the behavior is well assimilated, you can change location. The more you see your dog improving, the more you can increase the difficulty level. 

With • 

Pair it with the harness of your choice. Here are all the walking items right here .

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