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Nina Ottosson

Working Dog Puzzle

Working Dog Puzzle

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What • 

A challenging level puzzle for dogs who need an extra challenge when it's meal time. Suitable for intelligent dogs who quickly understand puzzles. 

The game has been designed in plastic with the look of real natural wood in order to obtain a minimalist and trendy look, while having all the advantages and durability of plastic. Raised game pieces help dogs retrieve treats and move pieces. The pieces cannot be removed to provide a game that will last. 

Easy to clean. Hand wash with warm soapy water, rinse and dry. 

13.6'' (34.5cm) in diameter and 2'' (5cm) deep. 

Who •

All the dogs. 

Difficulty level: Difficult. 

If this is your dog's first experience with an interactive bowl, I advise you to start with the Bougainvillea slow bowl

How •

Place the kibble or treats in the circular blocks and the different compartments of the base. Swivel the fins to cover the holes and lock the spinner.

Place the game on the floor and encourage your dog to find the treats. If your dog doesn't understand, rotate the flippers to make it easier for him to understand and show him how the blocks slide.

Why • 

Slower Bowls encourage sniffing, licking and problem solving during mealtimes, which naturally slows eating and prevents choking, bloating and helps with overall better digestion.

Unlike stationary slow bowls, dogs actively engage with the bowl's moving, interchangeable components, giving them adifferent feeding experience with every meal

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