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Braided Tug in Hemp Rope

Braided Tug in Hemp Rope

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What • 

This hemp rope toy is minimalist, stylish and durable. The handle is ideal for pulling, chewing and playing together.  

The rope exterior is made of hemp and the interior of cotton and linen. 

Warning: Dogs must be supervised at all times when playing with this toy. Labels must be removed before use. 

Who •

For medium to large dogs. 
Suitable for balanced and exceptional chewers.

How •

To know how to play tug or tug-of-war with your dog, consult the article on the subject right here

Why • 

This toy is a simple way to add physical exercise and mental stimulation into your dog's daily life. It's a perfect toy for teething puppies and exceptional chewers. It's also a great tool for playing tug.

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