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The Sharper Barker

Travel dog bed

Travel dog bed

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What • 

A practical and functional travel mattress for dogs. You can take it to the beach, camping, in your car, to the cabin, to a weekend at someone else's house, for a night at a hotel, etc. 

39'' (99cm) x 35'' (89cm) 

Who •

All dogs who love to travel. 

How •

Simply unclip the 2 loops and remove the mat. When you're ready to put it away, just fold it and that's it! It includes a handle for easy carrying, is water resistant and easy to clean. Wash with a damp cloth for a quick wash. Otherwise, suitable for the washing machine. Hang to dry. 

With •

If you have an anxious dog, add Peasy therapeutic liquid to your travel routine. 

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