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Handbag Interactive Plush Toy

Handbag Interactive Plush Toy

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What • 

Your dog also needs his beauty products in a stylish little handbag. It contains lipstick, mascara and foundation so your dog can dig, search and snif. Each toy offers a classic squeaker to keep your dog endlessly stimulated. Hide treats in the purse for an added challenge. 

Machine washable and can be put in the dryer. 

9.4" (23.8cm) long x 8" (20.3cm) x 2" (5cm) 

Who •

Suitable for small and medium dogs. 
Not suitable for exceptional and very exceptional chippers. 

Difficulty level: Difficult.

Why •

Playful interactive toys provide hours of mental stimulation. 

With •

Place treats in purse (available just here) to encourage your dog to search even more. 

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