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Mount Ara

SuperBite Blue

SuperBite Blue

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What • 

The SuperBite chew bone is made of BPA-free rubber. The center is reinforced to suit the toughest toy chewers. Unique geometric edges help reduce plaque buildup and promote healthy teeth. 

Extremely durable. Dishwasher and freezer safe.  

Approximately 17cm x 8cm. 

WARNING: Supervise your pet at all times when using this toy. Like any toy made with any material, your dog may still manage to destroy it. If damaged, remove it from the animal immediately.

Who •

Medium-sized dogs.  

Why • 

Licking and gnawing on a bone with spread or meat is a mental effort for your dog. This allows him to spend his energy in a different and pleasant way for him. It's also the perfect way to make positive associations with places or noises that he or she likes less. 

Give this bone to your dog when you sweep the floor, when you cook, when you dry your hair, when you use the clippers, when you leave for work and put him in his crate, or any other time when the dog is experiencing some kind of stress. 

You can also give it in the evening when you want a quieter moment before bed.

This toy is ideal to use to feed your dog on days when the temperature does not allow you to go play outside like usual. 

How •

Fill with Mount Ara peanut butter spreads available right here. They offer an easy-to-fill tip with no mess.  

With •

Meat, vegetable and/or fruit puree, Mount Ara peanut butter spreads and/or softened croquettes. 

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