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Hands-free Belt Leash Sand

Hands-free Belt Leash Sand


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What • 

A 3 in 1 technology to revolutionize the way your dog walks. This leash/belt can be worn around the waist or shoulder, or even as a regular leash. 3 different modes of use. 

It is designed with high-quality, ultra-resistant material to offer better control and more comfort while your puppy walks.

It offers a fastening piece that adjusts to the waist and shoulders. The leash is adjustable to determine the distance you want to have with your dog. There is a clip with a screw attachment (double security) at both ends of the leash. 

We love the trendy minimalist design of this leash which pairs perfectly with the Go! pouch Sand for all walking essentials. 

Who •

Recommended for dogs up to 65lbs (30kg). 

Why • 

Because the hands-free experience allows you to drink coffee while walking, focus on giving treats to your dog while heeling, or simply feel more free and available.

How •

You can tie the thinnest part at your waist and adjust the size to fit your body. You can also choose to place it on your shoulders like a handbag. 

Then attach your dog to the end of the leash and enjoy the moment! 

With •

These leashes are perfect to go with the GO! Sand to fill them with treats, put your cell phone, your credit card, your keys and any walking essentials. 

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