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Scratcher for cats

Scratcher for cats

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What • 

This cat scratcher is specially designed to meet the natural needs of cats for sharpening their claws. This scratching post is minimalist and simple, with a durable corrugated cardboard surface that the cat can scratch to their heart's content. It can be placed flat or vertically on a piece of furniture. 

16.5'' (41.9cm) x 3.5'' (8.9cm) 

Who •

All the cats. 

Why • 

A cat scratcher constitutes an essential element for the well-being of the cat by promoting the natural maintenance of its claws, by avoiding the formation of rolls of claws. nailsand by offering a way to mark your territory.

By providing a suitable scratching post, you also help protect your furniture and personal items from damage caused by your feline companion's claws.

With •

From catnip. 

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