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Himalayan Yak Cheese Stick

Himalayan Yak Cheese Stick

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What •

All-natural Yak sticks are very hard chewing items. These are very durable treats that your dog can chew on for several hours as they slowly soften. They are preservative free. 

It is recommended to supervise your dog when he or she is chewing chewing items. Make sure he or she has fresh drinking water available.

Small: between 0.8-1.2oz 
Medium: approximately 2.5oz 
Grand : environ 3.5oz 
Extra large: approximately 4-6oz 

These products are natural, so appearance, thickness, size and color may vary. 

Who •

Suitable for balanced chippers and exceptional and very exceptional chippers. 

Small: Dogs under 15 pounds (7kg) 
Medium: Dogs between 15 and 30 pounds (7 and 14kg) 
Large:Dogs between 30 and 50 pounds (14 and 23kg) 
Extra large: Dogs weighing 50 pounds (23kg) and more

Comment •

Soak the stick in hot water for 5 minutes. Then put in the microwave for 45 seconds, leave to rest for 2 minutes and offer to your dog. 

To be given as a snack for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Then remove. The stick can last up to 5 snacks, depending on the strength of your dog's teeth. 

Why • 

The act of chewing on objects is a normal and desirable need in dogs because their jaws are built for chewing. 

Chewing can help reduce puppy biting and limit destructive behavior. 

But mainly, the action of chewing brings a feeling of relaxation to the dog, in addition to  occupy it positively. It also helps him to apprehend loneliness and manage frustrations

Chewing articles help keep your dog's teeth clean and healthy. 

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