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Freesbee Kong Flyer Pink

Freesbee Kong Flyer Pink

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What • 

Freesbee is a fun and stimulating activity for dogs. The Puppy Flyer is great for getting started and introducing this sport to your puppy or dog. It's perfectly sized, plus it's made with KONG™'s special tough, flexible and durable rubber formula. 

Warning: Dogs must be supervised at all times when playing with this toy.

Who •

Designed for puppies, diameter 7 inches (18 cm).

All dogs can do it. On the other hand, some dog breeds are more willing to practice it. Generally, active dogs who enjoy running make perfect companions. 

How •

To play throwing and bringing back the freesbee with your dog. 

Why • 

This toy is a simple way to add physical exercise and mental stimulation into your dog's daily life.

Playing with a freesbee stimulates the dog's natural playful instinct

The freesbee allows you to jump and run, but above all to develop your dog's focus and concentration

It's a sport to be practiced as a couple, both for you and for your dog. It allows you to really create a solid bond with your animal. 

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