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Elastic Leash 2 Handles

Elastic Leash 2 Handles


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What • 

A durable bungee-style leash to provide comfort and flexibility. It helps absorb the unwanted power of the pulling dog. The second handle (in the center of the leash) is a more than effective tool for learning heel walking. This allows instant control of the dog. 

Wash with mild soap and water. Do not machine wash. Not recommended for rough play, playing in salt water and/or muddy areas. 

41'' in length. 

Who •

For dogs of all sizes. 

How •

This leash can be used in multiple ways:

Attached to the waist and hands free
This leash can be made hands-free by hooking the clip on the handle to a walking belt with a carabiner. 

With end handle 
This handle allows you to walk your dog with a looser leash, letting him go more freely. 

With center handle 
This leash is perfect for dog training. It allows you to have instant control over your dog and teach him to heel. 

For what •

Elastic leashes help cushion impacts when the dog pulls to protect your pet's neck, back and joints, but also your back.

With •

Pair it with the harness, waterproof collar, poop bag dispenser and hands-free bag holder of your choice. Here are all the walking items right here .

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