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Bark Potty

Eco-friendly Potty Training Pad

Eco-friendly Potty Training Pad

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What • 

The most eco-friendly option for potty training your dog. This is an anti-slip, anti-stain and anti-odor pad.

- A pad filled with bark 
- A training spray to attract your dog to the pad 
- Poop bags 

The pad comes from suppliers certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). FSC ensures that sustainable pet care products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits to local communities. 

Who •

Small dogs who go potty indoors and puppies who are potty trained. 

How •

Install the pad where your dog often goes to do it's business. Spray the training spray on the pad a few times and repeatedly to make sure your dog understands that this is the place he should go to do his business. 

Potty training is difficult and takes a lot of time and discipline. You must be constantly alert to your dog's behavior to ensure that he does not go to relieve himself anywhere other than where you want him to do it. 

You can choose to keep him on a leash attached to your waist at first so you can always keep an eye on what he is doing. If he starts smelling the ground and walking in circles, he most likely wants to go potty. You can take him to his pad directly. 

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