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Cranberry Toothpaste

Cranberry Toothpaste

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What • 

Cranberry dental gel with improved texture to make it stickier on teeth and gums. This increases the contact time with the oral walls and in particular allows the gel to be administered in several ways. 

The taste of this product is appreciated by most cats and dogs. Having a taste similar to that of a treat helps the animal make a positive association with the gel and makes dental care more pleasant for everyone. 

Keep refridgerated. Refrigerate after opening.

90ml or 120ml. 
Recommended by veterinarians. Scientifically proven. 

Who •

All the dogs and cats. 

Comment •

Cats and dogs under 10 kg (22lbs) : 2.5 ml per day.
Dogs between 10 and 25 kg (22lbs and 55lbs) : 5ml per day.
Dogs over 25 kg (55lbs) : 7.5ml per day.

To be used every day.

You can apply the dental gel to your pet's food, favorite treats or dental toys. This will allow you to gradually and positively introduce the product into your routine.

Afterwards, you can apply the dental gel directly to your pet's teeth and gums. All while making sure he is comfortable during the process.

After having presented him with a toothbrush or a finger to brush his teeth, you can put the dental gel on it and clean his teeth. It will thus benefit from the mechanical action of the brush, in addition to all the benefits of cranberry.

Why • 

Brushing or cleaning your dog or cat's teeth is important to slow the appearance of tartar, but above all fight the bad breath

This product can also help balance the oral flora and help fight against gum disease

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