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Cozy bed

Cozy bed

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What •

A soft donut-shaped bed with comfortable, soft fur for better sleep and good head and neck support. Non-slip and water-resistant bottom. 

Easy care in the washing machine. Drying in the open air. 

21'' x 21'' x 9'' (53.3cm x 53.3cm x 22.9cm) 

Who •

All cats and small dogs. 

Why •

It is excellent for relieving joint and muscle pain.

How •

You can teach your dog to use his bed as a safe place where he or she can play quietly or rest whenever he or she wants. 

To do so, you can always give him his toys or its chewing items in his bed. You direct him to his or her bed and when he or she is there, you congratulate him or her and give it to him or her. 

You can also keep him on a leash and teach him to lie on his bed. You take a treat and say "lie down" while luring him or her down to lie down. You then tell him “stay”. You wait a few seconds and reward. You can use a treat or simply flatter him or her by saying “yeah” or “good job”. If he or she tries to get up, you pull sharply but not too hard to show him or her that he or she should not get up and that he or she should stay calm on the bed. You say “lay” again and then “stay”. 

The easier it becomes, the more time you can allow before rewarding. The more you integrate the notion "in your bed" into your dog's daily life, the more he or she will go there himself or herself automatically in the moments when you have repeated it to him or her most often. 

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