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Ceramic Slow Feeder

Ceramic Slow Feeder

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What • 

Minimalist plate for slow feeding that fits into any decor. It is made of non-toxic and odorless ceramic to offer the best quality for your pet. Plastic can cause mouth infections if bowls are not washed daily and changed every 3 months. The ceramic plate is durable and there is no risk of infection. 

It is safe for the microwave and easily washes by hand.

21 cm in diameter. 

Who •

All dogs and cats who gobble their kibble a little too quickly. 

Why • 

Slowing down your pet’s eating routine is an incredible benefit to their overall health. 

Slow feeding improves your pet's digestion and will prevent your dog or cat from regurgitating. Results? Less bloating, less risk of choking and less gas

How •

Simply pour the portion of croquettes all over the plate. 

With •


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