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CHILL Sweet Potato Bites

CHILL Sweet Potato Bites

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What • 

The easy and delicious solution to help your dog relax. They are made with real sweet potato, melatonin and valerian root. They are ideal for calming anxiety and promoting a good night's rest. These are treats to give every day for an overall feeling of relaxation.  

These products are free of fat or additives, making them easy to digest. Made with all-natural ingredients you can pronounce, grain-free and vegan. 

113.4g/30 bites. 

Who •

For dogs of all ages and sizes. 

Comment •

You can give a bite 30 minutes before or after a meal, or at any time of the day. 

According to the weight: 

Less than 15 pounds (7kg): half a bite per day 
15 to 49 pounds (7 to 22kg): 1 bite per day 
50 and over (23kg): 2 bites per day 

Why • 

To help hyperactive dogs and those who are very anxious on a daily basis. 

CHILL Bites work to physically calm symptoms such as excitability and restlessness.

These bites canhelp dogs who suffer from separation anxiety.

Melatonin has been used and approved by veterinarians for years to help pets resolve problems with insomnia, hyperactivity or stressful events such as car rides, guests unexpected or loud noises. Chamomile is a great addition to help relieve restlessness and promote a feeling of relaxation in your puppy or dog. 

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