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Protective Balm For Paw Pads

Protective Balm For Paw Pads

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What • 

If your dog has difficulty keeping his winter boots on his little paws, this balm is the ideal product. Are salt and de-icing abrasives irritating for his pads? This protective balm is ideal for facing the hazards of the cold season.

Made from lanolin, with beeswax and a unique macerate of calendula flowers infused in organic sunflower oil, it protects, softens and moisturizes the pads during your outdoor walks.

Ingredients: lanolin, sunflower oil*, calendula flowers*, beeswax, vitamin E. *organic ingredients

Who •

All the dogs. 

Why •

The pads of dog paws are more fragile during the winter and it is sometimes difficult to be able to protect them adequately. Dogs who are very, very active outdoors generally hate wearing boots and this balm prevents them from injuries and irritation in winter. We love!! 

How •

Before walking, apply a sufficient amount to the pads to leave a protective layer. When you return home, take care to dry the paws well and wipe off any residue from the product. 

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