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Banana Toy With Catnip

Banana Toy With Catnip

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What • 

Toy containing catnip in the shape of a banana. It offers a variety of texture and material. Feathers and 2 small bells are attached to the end. 

Who •

For all the cats. 

Why • 

Playing is a very important activity for a cat's well-being. It allows him to reduce his stress,to follow his natural feline instinct and to develop a better relationship with humans (you!). 

Playing with a toy also gives him the opportunity to activate his muscles, which will have the effect of keeping his heart system healthy and preventing weight gain

Catnip promotes good digestion and helps in the effective elimination of hairballs.

Comment • 

To play with your cat, place yourself at his height while remaining calm. Don't hold him or force him to play at all costs. Start simply by tickling and gently stimulating him. 

To play with a more reactive cat, you can use toys to draw its attention away from you. This is a good way to make him understand that he should chew toys and not your skin. 

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