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ZoomieRex IncrediBall Blue

ZoomieRex IncrediBall Blue

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What • 

Durable ball to play with or to give your dog a stimulating snack that's out of the ordinary. 

3.5cm wide.

Warning: Dogs must be supervised at all times when playing with this toy.

Who •

For dogs 30 lbs and over.
Suitable for balanced and exceptional chewers. 

How •

To play throw and bring back the ball with your dog. 

You can insert a chewable item into the ball to create an additional challenge for him during the play session, but also to motivate him even more. 

Why • 

This toy is a simple way to add physical exercise and mental stimulation into your dog's daily life.

Playing with a ball stimulates the dog's natural playful instinct

The act of chewing on objects is a normal and desirable need in dogs because their jaws are built for chewing. 

Chewing can help reduce puppy biting and limit destructive behavior. 

But mainly, the action of chewing brings a feeling of relaxation to the dog, in addition to  occupy it positively. It also helps him to apprehend loneliness and manage frustrations .

With • 

You can fill the ball with meat or rehydrated kibble and then put it in the freezer.

You can also insert any kind of chewing item. A 6'' odorless beef spiral stick , a 6'' wide odorless beef stick , a 12'' odorless beef tendon stick , and several others. 

All of our chewing items are available right here

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