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Accessory 3 in 1 Blue

Accessory 3 in 1 Blue

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What • 

3 in 1: Lick mat, freesbee and additional accessory for the Bougainvillea , Windmill , Palette and Maze slow bowls. 

By using it as an additional accessory on some occasions to the slow bowls, we add an additional challenge to the dog during meal time. The fact that it can also be used as a toy makes it even more practical! 

9.8'' (25cm) in diameter by 1.2'' (3cm) in height. 

Who •

All dogs (and even cats!).

How •

With the Bougainvillea , Windmill , Palette and Maze slow bowls , you can simply remove the plastic elements from the top and insert it into the bottom of the bowl. Choose to put the items back on top or just fill it that way. Less damage in the house! 

Use it as a licking mat. Simply spread with a knife or fork meat, spreads (available here ), canned food, crushed treats moistened with water, vegetable purees and/or other foods safe for your pet . Make sure you push the treat down into the surface of the mat. Put the plate in the freezer and wait about 2 hours before serving it to your pet. 

Here are some ideas for what to put on licking mats, right here . To have a guide to healthy foods to offer your pet in order to create your own recipes, here is an article right here .

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