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Fun tracking game for cats

Fun tracking game for cats

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What • 

Fun toy to entertain your cat and stimulate it in other ways. 

3 levels with 1 ball on each level. 2 balls can open and fill with treats. The more the balls roll, the more treats fall from the balls. One of the balls lights up with an LED light when it rolls. 

Who •

All the cats. 

Why • 

Cats need to hunt to feel fulfilled and well in body and mind.

This tool helps reduce anxiety, reduce the number of vomiting,  reduce your cat's early meowing when he's hungry and ccorrect litter box problems

The fabric bags that cover the little mice help simulate the tactile sensation of prey, which allows your cat to grasp, scratch and use its teeth as it would when hunting

Comment •

Simply fill the balls with cat treats or kibble and place it in a place where your cat will see it and be attracted to it. 

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