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2-in-1 Lil'Snoop Toy

2-in-1 Lil'Snoop Toy

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What • 

Soft, translucent interactive toy that allows the dog to be stimulated in different ways thanks to its variable shape. 

Offers quick and easy cleaning. You can turn the nozzle outwards, fill it with warm water and mild soap, rinse it and then let it dry. 

This toy is intended for use under supervision and is not a chew toy.

BPA free. Unleaded. Phthalate-free.

Who •

All the dogs. 

Suitable for delicate and balanced chewers. 

Why • 

Chewing is crucial for jaw strength, oral health and cleanliness. The action of gnawing or chewing relieves separation anxiety

How •

You can fill this toy with treats and turn the tip inward to allow your dog to work to reach them.

You can also fill this toy with raw meat, softened kibble, spreads and fruit purees, put it in the freezer and offer it as a meal or snack. 

When you insert meat or any other moist food, you can insert a 6'' chewing item of your choice into the hole to create additional appeal during meal time. 

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