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Flower Licking Mat

Flower Licking Mat

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What • 

Licking mat with floral pattern for dogs and cats. Recyclable. Nontoxic. Washes easily on the top shelf of the dishwasher. 

Small: 5" wide x 7" high x 0.25" thick. 
Large: 8" wide x 8" high x 0.25" thick.

WARNING: This is not a chew toy. Monitor your pet while using this enrichment mat. If damaged, remove it from the animal immediately.

Who •

Small: Suitable for small dogs between 15 and 20 pounds (between 6.8k and 9kg) of all ages and cats. 
Large: Suitable for dogs of all ages and 15 pounds (6.8kg) and over. 

Why • 

The action of licking soothes and calms dogs, but also cats. It keeps them busy, in addition to promoting optimal oral health

It also allows you to avoid overfeeding your pet, in addition to stimulating saliva production to promote digestive health

How •

Simply spread with a knife or fork meat, spreads (available here), canned food, crushed treats moistened with water, vegetable purees and/or other foods safe for your pet . Make sure you push the treat down into the surface of the mat. Put the plate in the freezer and wait about 2 hours before serving it to your pet. 

Here are some ideas for what to put on licking mats, right here . To have a guide to healthy foods to offer your pet in order to create your own recipes, here is an article right here .

With •

Meat, Mount Ara spreads , fruit and/or vegetable purees, dog toothpaste or other creative and fun options. 

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