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Rose Flower Snuffle Mat

Rose Flower Snuffle Mat

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What • 

A magnificent digging mat to stimulate the mind and slow down your pet's meal time. Promotes mental enrichment and breaks boredom.

Non-toxic, durable and made of silicone for easy cleaning.  

Who •

Suitable for all dogs and cats. 

Why • 

Slow feeding allows reduces the risk of bloatingandfacilitates digestion.

The digging mathelps reduce stress.The dog occupies his mind by playing and searching for kibble or treats in the mat. This activity stimulates the sense of smell, which once again has the effect of reducing anxiety.

It's a great way to entertain your dog and mentally stimulate him on days when you can't go outside. 

When your dog is busy doing something he loves, you can do things that would normally be very difficult. This tool therefore allows you toentertain and distract the attentionof your animal.

How •

You can serve your dog's entire meal in this digging mat or simply hide a few treats there. 

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