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Catnip sachet

Catnip sachet

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What • 

Bag of 100% organic catnip, non-GMO and non-irradiated. It is harvested for optimal potency, then ground, cut and sifted to perfection removing all dangerous stems.

As with anything, ask your veterinarian if catnip is suitable for your cat.

Who •

All the cats. 

Why • 

Playing is a very important activity in a cat's well-being. This allows him toreduce his stress,tofollow his natural feline instinctand to strong data-mce-fragment="1">develop a better relationship with humans(you!). 

Playing with a toy also gives him the opportunity to activate his muscles which will have the effect of keeping his heart system healthy and avoid weight gain

Catnippromotes gooddigestionand helps witheffective removal of hairballs. It also helps toreduce the level of anxietyeffectively. 

Comment •

You can sprinkle about a tablespoon on the floor and watch your cat roll around in it or even eat it.

You can also store his favorite cat toys in a Ziploc bag with catnip to increase the fun of playing when you take him out. 

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