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Deluxe Christmas stockings for dogs

Deluxe Christmas stockings for dogs

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What • 

Celebrate in style with this deluxe Christmas stocking filled with beautiful things your dog will love! Santa doesn't forget anyone, especially not furry babies. 

- White snowflake toy
- Christmas 2-Handle Tug
- 2-in-1 Christmas plush and ball  (Santa claus, penguin or reindeer) 
- Bone minimalist plush 
- Popcorn Pet Pops (cheddar, beef, chicken, duck, lamb, salmon or turkey and pumpkin)
- Christmas cookie  (gift or cane) 
- Esophagus stick filled with angus beef 6''
- Braided beef knuckle stick 12''
- Relaxing mist for the coat SELV RITUEL x La Meilleure Équipe

In a beautiful Christmas stocking for dogs! 

Colors and flavors are selected at random. 

Who •

For dogs 20 pounds and over. 

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