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2 in 1 Leash And Harness

2 in 1 Leash And Harness

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What • 

A durable rope leash to allow you to tie your dog in different ways. It has no plastic or metal attachments, making it ideal for training inside the home. As it allows harness training, it allows instant control of the dog. 

Machine wash. Air dry. 

Who •

For dogs of all sizes. 

How •

This leash can be used in multiple ways, as a leash and collar, as a harness and leash, and many more. The possibilities are almost endless! 

Why •

Rope leashes will avoid the noise of regular leash attachments when potty training or good manners inside the house. It offers more flexible training. 

The format of the harness helps to cushion impacts when the dog pulls to protect your pet's neck, back and joints, but also your back. 

With •

Pair it with the harness, waterproof collar, poop bag dispenser and hands-free bag holder of your choice. Here are all the walking items right here .

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