How to play tug

Comment jouer à tug ou tirer

Opinions on this game are quite controversial. Many say it can make the dog aggressive and others say it's a perfect exercise to learn self-control. We lean more towards the second opinion. 

This game can have several benefits on the management of emotions, which is particularly beneficial for the dog's temperament. It's a game that allows him to spend his energy, without going outside. A good activity to do when the weather is less beautiful outside! 

To play it, here are the toys you can use: 

- An eco-responsible twisted rope ball
- A durable heart to fill on string 

Before you begin, you need to teach your dog to " Take " And « Give »

To do this, you ask your dog to sit. When it's done, you invite him to play by saying the word you associate with taking the rope or the toy in his mouth. For example: "Take" or "Catch". 

You can offer him the toy so he can take it in his mouth. Then, when you want him to let go, release the tension on the rope and say the word you associate with releasing his mouth around the rope or toy. For example : " Women », “Stop” or " Coward ». 

If he won't let go, pull out a treat and present it to him while saying the release word. He should drop the toy and you can congratulate him. You can do this exercise over and over until it's clear. 

How to play : 

Grab the toy on one end and ask your dog to sit. When you're ready, tell her the word you associate with taking it in her mouth. Pull the toy from left to right, front and back, while not going up and down to avoid injuries. You can do this for 10-20 seconds. 

If your dog gets too upset and tries to grab the toy without being told to do so, grab the toy quickly and remove it from his sight. He must wait for permission before taking actions. 

You can repeat the draw and release session up to 10 times in a row. 

When the play period is over, ask your dog to sit down and tell him the words you associate with the end of an activity. For example, " It's finish », “We play could” or " Enough ". You can then give him adon't treat him when you see he's calm. You can also offer him a chewable item to allow him to calm down quietly. 

Have fun! 

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